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 The company Protypa Fytoria (nerceries) is a dynamic company created by Mr. Mavromatis Vassilios Agronomist-Landscape Architect and Mrs. Mouratidou Styliani MSc Agronomist-Environmentalist.

  • Mouratidou Stiliani


Agronomist Graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Postgraduate Specialization Diploma:

Environmentalist, specializing in "Environmental design of Cities and buildings, as well as" Design of Bioclimatic Buildings ".


30 years of experience in the design & construction of outdoor areas, Gardens, Gardens, Islands, Parks, Presences as well as in the application of new techniques of energy saving, water reuse, electricity generation, use of shading - sunbathing.

  • Mavromatis Vasileios


Excellent Agronomist Technologist Graduate of TEI of Thessaloniki


Educational graduate of the Pedagogical School of Vocational and Technical Education Officers ΠΑ.ΤΕ.Σ.- Σ.Ε.Λ.Ε.Τ.Ε.

Postgraduate Specialization Diploma:

Graduate of the Postgraduate Department "Solar and Wind Energy Photovoltaic Systems and Wind Turbines" of the Spanish University JOSE CAMILO SELA.


30 years of experience in the design & construction of outdoor areas, Gardens, Gardens Islands, Parks, Slopes.

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Near you since 1993

Our company deals with the production and marketing of ornamental plants indoors and outdoors, the marketing of plant products (pots, plant substrates, pesticides, fertilizers, soil cutters, awnings, etc.), the design of gardens - irrigation networks, the configuration of outdoor areas - terraces -verands, the construction of irrigation networks and the diagnosis of the phytosanitary of your plants, bringing part of the plant that is sick in our area or even visiting your site, to be given the appropriate pesticides or fertilizers.

Our company continues uninterruptedly since 1993 to offer customers services and products of high quality, at low and competitive prices.

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